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When you need to get rid of pesky insects, our owner-operated team of diagnostic experts at A & K Tree Service is at your service all the time. Our certified arborists will work to effectively control and treat insect infestations to avoid future issues.


With more than 40 years of dedicated experience, you’ll surely be in the best of hands. Get started today by requesting a professional consultation and FREE estimate.

Protecting your trees from insects

  • Aphids

  • Black vine weevil

  • Borer: Birch, Cherry, Lilac

  • Box elder bug: Box Elder

  • Eastern tent caterpillar: Cherry, Crabapple

  • Gypsy moth: Oak

  • Emerald ash borer: Ash

  • Japanese beetle: Maple, Willow, Linden

  • Leaf miner: Birch, Elm

  • Pine sawfly

  • Scale: Locust, Magnolia, Euonymus

  • Spruce gall

  • Spider mites

  • Fall web worm: Hickory, Walnut, Willow,

          Mulberry, Sweetgum

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